Michigan and Ohio State QB commits put on their recruiting hats at The Opening

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- The Michigan and Ohio State rivalry is alive and well at Nike’s The Opening with commits and targets littered throughout the event for both teams. The main recruiters at the event are ESPN 300 quarterbacks Dylan McCaffrey and Tate Martell committed to Michigan and Ohio State, respectively.

McCaffrey is the No. 1-ranked pocket-passer in the country and Martell the No. 3-ranked dual-threat quarterback. The two are potential big features in the future offense for their teams and both are doing their part to recruit other big pieces to join them.

Here is a look at how they recruit, who they are recruiting and what happens when they share a similar target.

The pitch:

McCaffrey: “I think a big part of it is just building relationships with them. They’ve seen the school, most of them. The guys that we want have seen the school, they know what it brings you, they know who the coaches are so I think a big part of it is building a relationship. Showing them that you would be a good guy to stay with for four years, because ultimately that’s what college football is, you’re with your team every single second. And I think it’s probably the biggest thing I’m trying to do. Obviously I’ll throw out a few Michigan facts out there now and then.”

Martell: “It kind of speaks for itself at Ohio State. All the guys that got drafted and every kid’s dream is to make it to the NFL. If that’s your goal then it’s the place to be for that, if you want to make it to the league, great coaching and obviously I’ve built great relationships with the guys out here so that’s pretty much all I’ve said to them.”

Who are they targeting:

McCaffrey: Wide receivers Nico Collins and Donovan Peoples-Jones

Martell: Wide receivers Tyjon Lindsey, Trevon Grimes and Donovan Peoples-Jones