A five-star impersonation

In the world of college football recruiting, what you see on the Internet and social media platforms is almost always the exact opposite. Sure, there are sometimes kernels of information that pan out, but when anybody can create a handle and pretend to be a five-star recruit, the waters get awfully murky.

Take this case of five-star defensive end Josh Sweat, for example.

Tennessee fans have been retweeting this direct message with @JoshSweat9 and @TotalVolsMove, where Sweat indicates he would take a visit to Tennessee if the conversation gets retweeted 1,000 times. As of Tuesday afternoon, it had been retweeted more than 840 times and favorited more 75.

Tennessee fans also started flooding message boards and Twitter with excitement when @JoshSweat9 posted that most of his followers were Tennessee fans. Heck, @JoshSweat9 also encouraged Kentucky fans with a tweet saying he would visit Lexington if he got 500 retweets on another message.

The only problem is that this isn’t really Sweat, the nation's No. 4 prospect.

“No, he doesn’t have a Twitter account,” Redd Jenkins, a close family friend to Sweat, told ESPN.com. “I’m a million percent sure it's not him. A million times infinity. I even sent Twitter a request to try to get them to shut the account down, but I’ve not gotten a response.”

This isn’t the first time that somebody has pretended to be Sweat or another prospect on Twitter. Ironically, there is another fake account, @J_SmoothSweat, that has more than 760 followers.