Weekly Commitment Roundup

The following is a list commitments made to Power 5 programs from June 19-June 25:


Clemson: OT Chandler Reeves (6-foot-5, 255 pounds), evaluation pending

Duke: OLB Tre Hornbuckle (6-foot-2, 225), eval pending; OLB Alexander Gagnon (6-foot-3, 220), eval pending; ATH Jacob Morgenstern (6-foot-3, 210), eval pending; three-star ILB Koby Quansah (6-foot-1, 215)

Georgia Tech: OG Trysten Hill (6-foot-1, 297), eval pending

Maryland: S Tyrone Hill (6-foot-1, 190), eval pending; OLB Silas Kelly (6-foot-3, 205), eval pending

NC State: TE-Y Dylan Autenrieth (6-foot-5, 215), eval pending; DE Bryce Folsom (6-foot-4, 256), eval pending

North Carolina: Three-star Luke Elder (6-foot-4, 282); Three-star DE Tomon Fox (6-foot-3, 212)

Pittsburgh: ATH Maurice Ffrench (5-foot-11, 176), eval pending; RB Chawntez Moss (5-foot-11, 196), eval pending; OLB Chase Pine (6-foot-4, 220), eval pending

Syracuse: RB Taylor Riggins (6-foot-2, 214), eval pending

Virginia Tech: Four-star WR Eric Kumah (6-foot-2, 180)

Wake Forest: CB Essang Bassey (5-foot-9, 174), eval pending; Three-star RB Cade Carney (5-foot-11, 213); RB Jamauri Wakefield (6-foot-1, 210), eval pending

Big 12

Baylor: 2017 WR Hezekiah Jones (5-foot-11, 185), eval pending; 2017 QB-DT Kellen Mond (6-foot-2, 191), eval pending; three-star OLB DeOnte Williams (6-foot-1, 218)

Iowa State: TE-Y Carson Lensing (6-foot-4, 225), eval pending; DE Dennis Wonnum (6-foot-3, 218), eval pending

Kansas: ATH Marquis Smith (5-foot-10, 172), eval pending

Kansas State: WR D.J. Render (5-foot-10, 170), eval pending

Oklahoma State: WR Devin Harper (6-foot-1, 207), eval pending

TCU: DE Gary Overshown (6-foot-5, 210), eval pending

Texas: 2017 WR Damion Miller (6-foot-2, 200), eval pending

West Virginia: OLB Adam Hensley (6-foot-2, 210), eval pending; four-star RB Martell Pettaway (5-foot-9, 203)

Big Ten

Illinois: DE Joshua Black (6-foot-3, 235), eval pending; TE-Y Griffin Palmer (6-foot-5, 215), eval pending; OG Trevour Simms (6-foot-3, 315), eval pending; WR Dominic Thieman (6-foot-3, 185), eval pending

Indiana: WR Phil Benker (6-foot-1, 190), eval pending; S Khalil Bryant (5-foot-11, 185), eval pending; DE Allen Cater (6-foot-4, 260), eval pending; RB Cole Gest (5-foot-7, 191), eval pending; CB A'Shon Riggins (6-foot, 160), eval pending

Iowa: WR Frank Darby (6-foot, 180), eval pending; 2017 OG Juan Harris (6-foot-3, 356), eval pending; TE-Y T.J. Hockenson (6-foot-5, 222), eval pending; OLB Nick Niemann (6-foot-2, 205), eval pending; DE Austin Schulte (6-foot-3, 240), eval pending; RB Toren Young (5-foot-11, 200), eval pending

Michigan: three-star S Devin Gil (6-foot, 205); Three-star OT Devery Hamilton (6-foot-7, 291); four-star DE Ronald Johnson Jr. (No. 103 in ESPN 300; 6-foot-4, 226); CB Benjamin St-Juste (6-foot-2, 170), eval pending

Michigan State: K Matthew Goghlin (5-foot-10, 185), eval pending

Nebraska: four-star DE Quayshon Alexander (No. 281 in ESPN 300; 6-foot-2, 225); Three-star ILB Greg Simmons (6-foot-1, 221); three-star TE-H Jack Stoll (6-foot-4, 235)

Penn State: three-star DT Christian Colon (6-foot-3, 309); DT Michael Dwumfour (6-foot-2, 286), eval pending; K Blake Gillikin (6-foot-1, 185), eval pending

Purdue: OT Luke Campbell (6-foot-4, 275), eval pending; WR Nathan Johnson (6-foot, 170), eval pending; S Navon Mosley (6-foot, 180), eval pending

Rutgers: three-star OLB Rashawn Battle (6-foot-3, 220); CB Damon Hayes (6-foot-1, 185), eval pending; OT Elijah Johnson (6-foot-6, 315), eval pending; OT Justin Morgan (6-foot-6, 335), eval pending

Wisconsin: four-star OT Cole Van Lanen (No. 256 in ESPN 300; Green Bay, Wis./Bay Port); three-star S Craig Watts (5-foot-10, 179)


California: WR Matt Laris (6-foot-3, 210), eval pending; OLB Markus Wright (6-foot-2, 206), eval pending

Colorado: OT Terriek Roberts (6-foot-5, 250), eval pending

Oregon: four-star OLB Darrian Franklin (6-foot-1, 209)

Oregon State: WR Marlon Eugene (5-foot-11, 190), eval pending

Stanford: OG Nathaniel Herbig (6-foot-4, 338), eval pending; ILB Bailey McElwain (6-foot, 231), eval pending

UCLA: K Bailey Raborn (5-foot-11, 195), eval pending

USC: 2017 RB Amari Rodgers (5-foot-10, 196), eval pending

Washington State: WR Josiah Westbrook (6-foot, 180), eval pending


Alabama: four-star DE Khalid Kareem (No. 127 in ESPN 300; 6-foot-4, 255)

Arkansas: TE-Y Grayson Gunter (6-foot-6, 230), eval pending; DE Hayden Johnson (6-foot-3, 255), eval pending

Auburn: three-star OG Brodarious Hamm (6-foot-6, 322); Three-star DT Tashawn Manning (6-foot-4, 260)

Kentucky: DT Ja'Quize Cross (6-foot-3, 296), eval pending

Vanderbilt: RB Sam Brodner (5-foot-10, 212), eval pending


Notre Dame: three-star ATH Jalen Elliott (6-foot-1, 181); three-star OLB Jamir Jones (6-foot-3, 227); three-star WR Kevin Stepherson (6-foot-1, 180)