Under Armour jersey tour: DT Keondre Coburn


Texas commitment Keondre Coburn was presented with an Under Armour All America jersey on Monday at Westfield (Houston).

“Today means that everything I have been working for and done in the past few years has paid off,” said Coburn. “I as just so excited to receive my jersey. Two years ago, I watch Ed [Oliver] and Tyrie [Cleveland] play in the game and made it a goal of mine. It has made one of my dreams come true.”

The 6-foot-3, 334-pound Coburn is one of the Houston-area bell cows for Tom Herman’s first full recruiting class, but the Longhorns will have to battle to the end with official visits a possibility amid Texas’ struggles on the field.

“I may try to go make some official visits. I may try to go visit Florida State, Miami, TCU, UCLA and than I have my official to Texas. I haven’t set any dates up yet, but am working on it.”

Four questions with Keondre Coburn:

What player are you looking forward to competing with or against in the Under Armour All-America Game?

I want to play with all the Texas kids in the game. We are looking forward to playing together. I’m just looking forward to going against all the best OLs I can. I’m trying to earn that No. 1 DT spot in the country.

If you could start a team with any player in your class, who would it be and why?

I would probably say Justin Fields. I feel like he’s a leader, and teams have to start with a good QB. Any team he leads is going to win.

What is your earliest football memory?

I was seven or eight. The first time I got down in m stance at defensive tackle and got hit I didn’t fire of the ball. I took the hit. After that, I started hitting people hard.

What number do your wear, and why?

I wear 99. I was given 99 when I got to high school and have kept it because guys like J.J. Watt wear the same number.