#AskLoogs: Auden Tate's ranking

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Auden Tate has been a guy we have gone back and forth on a lot. Wide receivers can often be the most difficult players to slot/rank because there are so many of them. So, in reality, what is the difference between the 59th and 74th or 105th 99th? We write more evaluations on receivers than any other position. With Tate and his measurables, we feel strongly that he could be a candidate to move inside to the slot or grow into an H-back, but top-end speed and explosiveness are a bit of a question when it comes to creating mismatches. Yes, his size makes him a mismatch on jump balls and as a red zone target, but he might not bring the same productivity after the catch in the open field. Keep in mind he will be coming off a knee injury as well.