Jets' Darrelle Revis says he's ready to give up cornerback to help team

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Darrelle Revis acknowledged Sunday his days as a cornerback might be over.

"You never know, you never know," he said after the New York Jets’ season-ending win over the Buffalo Bills. "If that's the case, that's the case. I still have a lot of football to play."

Revis said he spoke last week with coach Todd Bowles about the possibility of switching to safety in 2017. He called it a "small talk," adding they will "definitely" have another conversation before the league year starts in March.

The Jets have to make some tough decisions on Revis: Do they want him back after a poor season? If so, how much are they willing to pay him? (It certainly won't be the $15 million he's scheduled to make.) If they want him back, are they open to moving him to safety?

Bowles confirmed that he talked to Revis about safety. No doubt, more conversations will follow.

"If we have that discussion and make that (move) going forward, he’ll have the challenges of just moving from corner to safety," Bowles said. "Most of the instincts stuff is still the same, but we’ll see. We haven’t made any decisions or had concrete discussions going forward."

For the first time in his stellar career, Revis, 31, has no leverage. He had a bad year. His first interception came in the 55th minute of the 16th game -- and it came on a deflection. He returned it 51 yards, setting up a field goal in what may have been his final game as a Jet.

"This offseason, there will be a lot of thinking what my future is and what I can do to best help the team win games," he said. "If that means changing my position to help the team win games, that's fine. I still love the game. I still have a passion for it and I still want to play at a high level."

Revis admitted this season was a struggle at cornerback, where he lost a step.

"You have to know there's a point in time in your career that you might have to make a move, and that's the next chapter for us," he said. "That's fine, that's great. If they put me at linebacker, I don't know how successful I'd be, but I'd try to do the job. But they might have to get me out of there."

Revis laughed at his joke. There weren't too many laughs this season.