Re-drafting first round of 2017 NFL draft: Browns pass on QB ... again

How would the 2017 NFL draft have looked if teams knew then what they know now? Our NFL Nation reporters took a crack at re-drafting the first round of last year's draft.

1. CLE | 2. CHI | 3. SF | 4. JAC | 5. TEN | 6. NYJ | 7. LAC | 8. CAR | 9. CIN | 10. KC | 11. NO | 12. HOU | 13. ARI | 14. PHI | 15. IND | 16. BAL | 17. WAS | 18. TEN | 19. TB | 20. DEN | 21. DET | 22. MIA | 23. NYG | 24. OAK | 25. CLE | 26. ATL | 27. BUF | 28. DAL | 29. CLE | 30. PIT | 31. SF | 32. NO

1. Cleveland Browns

Player selected in actual draft: DE Myles Garrett. The pre-draft debate over whether to take Garrett or quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was intense, with the coaches favoring Garrett and the front office pushing for Trubisky. The coaches won this one, but the fallout from the debate had them scratching their heads and presaged further disagreement. The coaching staff saw Garrett as a special player and Trubisky as a good quarterback but not worth the top pick.

Player I would select now: Garrett. The easy thing with this re-draft would be to go with the quarterback. But as well as Deshaun Watson played in Houston -- and he was great -- his knee injury raised the question that he might not be up to the physical pounding required of the position. If the belief was that Garrett would be a great player when he was drafted, there's no reason to turn away from him. Garrett did nothing to dispel the belief that he can and will be a special player. He missed four games with a sprained ankle and one with a concussion, but in 11 games, he had seven sacks and some eye-opening plays -- especially his interception return against the Bears that was negated by an offside penalty. When Garrett and Emmanuel Ogbah were on the field together, they caused significant issues for opposing offenses. A team needs a quarterback, yes, but Garrett provided a special opportunity: a pass-rusher who could anchor a defense for years. A team cannot pass on a player with his skills. -- Pat McManamon