Prospects trending up, down after the NHL draft combine

Based on what he showed NHL teams at the scouting combine, Mikhail Sergachev, left, may have risen on some draft boards. Getty Images

While it would make my life much easier if the hockey world fast-forwarded to the NHL draft immediately after I published my draft prospect rankings in May, but that is not how it works. My rankings are a snapshot in time, not a living document, so I'm always re-evaluating from the moment I hit send.

New information comes from the games that took place the last few weeks of the season, the NHL draft combine, feedback I've received from scouts the past few weeks (ranging from "I agree" to very much the opposite) and sometimes it's just tilting your head a different way while looking at the same information.

All of that said, here are some amendments to my draft rankings as we close in on the June 24 event in Buffalo: