Ranking MLB trade options at each position

From what I'm hearing, history could repeat itself.

The present trade market has a strong supply of available relievers and outfielders, but it's thin on quality starting pitchers, catchers and infielders. And dialogue has already been fast and furious with all 30 general managers and their assistant GMs. Trades can happen at any time, a change from the past when most clubs tended to make most of their deals closer to the actual trade deadline, which this year is 4 p.m. ET on Aug. 1.

So who's on the block? Here's my annual ranking of players who could be traded or change teams either at this trade deadline or in the offseason. Last year, a staggering 54 of the 65 players I listed ended up changing teams. For more trade coverage or to share your own trade ideas, follow me on Twitter: @JimBowden_ESPN.

Starting pitchers (15 options)

1. Sonny Gray, RHP, Oakland Athletics
Gray has had the worst year of his career because of injury and mechanics. His trade value is at a career low, and it's doubtful the A's deal him unless someone wants to pay a prospect package based on his career performances coming into this season. I doubt that happens.

2. Julio Teheran, RHP, Atlanta Braves
The Braves were spoiled when they hit a grand slam with the Shelby Miller trade, and because of that, they're asking for an even bigger return. As such, Teheran is probably staying put too.

3. Rich Hill, LHP, Athletics
Hill has had to deal with both a groin injury and blister issues on his throwing hand. However, he also has found his arm slot and command of his pitches, and he could be the best pitcher traded at this deadline. He's just a rental, as he's a free agent at season’s end.