Players who could be traded by Aug. 31

Yasiel Puig and Brian McCann are among the veteran players who could be on the move by the end of August. Getty Images

As we get to the end of August, baseball’s other trade deadline approaches: the waiver trade deadline. At this stage of the season, general managers have already put a significant number of the players on their 40-man roster on revocable waivers. Those who have been claimed have been pulled back and those who cleared the waivers process can now be dealt at any time.

However, with contenders looking to bolster their rosters for the final stretch run -- and add eligible players to their postseason rosters -- there is still a slew of players who have not even been put on waivers yet. Many clubs are looking to put them on at the beginning of this week rather than waiting for the final week of August. Through this process, the team that's trying to trade a particular player gets to negotiate with only the ONE team making a claim -- even if it's not the team it wants to deal with. Claim primacy goes first to teams in the same league, worst record to best, then to the other league (and again, starting with the worst record). That's why there's so much indecision.

It sounds as though many players will be claimed, but who knows by what teams. After a claim gets made, the two teams have just 48 hours to get a deal done before they have to pull the player back from the trade waivers process.

With that in mind, here are some players who could get traded by the end of August. I won’t put in which teams they fit best with, because with most of the first several guys on this list, they’ll have only that one team making a claim that they could be dealt to.

Jeanmar Gomez, closer, Philadelphia Phillies

Gomez probably won’t clear waivers, so the Phillies will get only one opportunity to trade him to one team. Several contenders will put claims on him, with the most likely teams being the Mets, Marlins and Pirates. However, the Phillies won’t just give him away because he is controllable for one more season. Gomez has given up a run only once in his past eight appearances and could be a difference-maker down the stretch.