Ideal trades for AL contenders

Yesterday, I broke down the NL "buyers" for this year's trade deadline, so today it's the AL's turn. Teams are listed with their needs, ideal acquisitions and what reality will ultimately dictate.


Primary needs: Right-handed-hitting right fielder and left-handed reliever.

Ideal: Hunter Pence of the Astros. He’s a complete player. He looks awkward in everything he does, but he does everything well on the field. He can hit, hit for power, play above-average defense, throw you out on the bases, show you some speed and is a good clubhouse guy. He really has been consistent in his career, averaging 25 home runs, 85 RBIs and 15 steals. He might hit six or seventh in the Red Sox lineup but would be their long-term solution in right field to replace J.D.Drew, who will be a free agent this winter.