Trade deadline preview

Twenty-three days.

That's right, we're nearly three weeks from the trade deadline. The clock is ticking for contending teams to improve their clubs via trade without the risk of potential swaps being stopped by a waiver claim in August.

Things have been pretty slow so far, which isn't surprising, as only three teams are 10-plus games from a potential wild-card spot (Brewers, Marlins and Phillies). But several GMs have told me they expect things to pick up precipitously over the All-Star break, and there will still be several blockbuster trades made before the deadline. Winning or losing streaks, even short ones, could vastly change things.

Last week I laid out who I feel will be the sellers and what they have to offer. Today I look at the buyers and what -- or who -- they'll be looking for. I've also updated the sellers list and what those teams will be looking to do, as well as a list of the players most likely to be dealt.

With that, here are my "movers and shakers" (teams I expect to make at least one major trade), "tweakers" (teams looking to improve with one or two smaller pieces), teams most likely to stand pat and sellers:

Movers and shakers

1. Houston Astros: Astros GM Jeff Luhnow knows his team is good enough to win the AL West, but he also feels the Angels breathing down his neck. A top-of-the-rotation starter would be just what this team needs to lock down first place and even have a legit shot at winning the AL. I'm told the Astros have had dialogue with every team that has a starting pitching upgrade to offer, and Houston does have the prospects to offer and motivation to deal them