Updated trade deadline objectives for all teams

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Earlier this month, I posted our MLB trade deadline preview, laying out each team's trade objectives and classifying them based on whether they'd be buyers or sellers, and how aggressive I expected them to be.

Plenty has changed since then. As such, it's time to check in again to see what each team's objectives are. This time I've laid out the teams by division, with a summary for each team as to what I feel their objective is. Let's get to it …

National League East

Washington Nationals
1st place in NL East (up by 2 games)
Trade status: Will merely tweak

For the Nats, just getting their own players back from the disabled list -- Ryan Zimmerman, Anthony Rendon, Denard Span, Jayson Werth, Stephen Strasburg -- is more valuable than any trade GM Mike Rizzo could make. However, it's clear that the bullpen is the one area of emphasis the Nats hope to improve at the trade deadline, and they have at least touched base with the teams that have the best relievers on the trade market, including Craig Kimbrel of the Padres, Aroldis Chapman of the Reds, Francisco Rodriguez of the Brewers, Jonathan Papelbon of the Phillies and Tyler Clippard of the Athletics.

Given that this is a team destined for the postseason, don't be surprised if the Nationals pay the price and add an impact reliever to go with Drew Storen late in games. They don't have to make a move to win the division, but they do need one more reliever to bring home a championship.

New York Mets
3 1/2 games behind second wild-card spot
Trade status: Movers and shakers (buyers)

The Mets improved only slightly when they acquired third baseman Juan Uribe and utility infielder/outfielder Kelly Johnson in a trade last week. Uribe has really declined both offensively and defensively, though he still should be considered as an upgrade. The Mets still need to add an impact bat if they're going to reach the postseason, and they remain involved with many of the top bats available