Five trades I'd like to see happen before the winter meetings

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Major league general managers are wheeling and dealing with many more trades ahead of them between now and the winter meetings in early December at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Here are five trades I’d like to see happen between now and then:

1. Los Angeles Dodgers and Cleveland Indians

The Dodgers and Indians match up well as trade partners. The Indians desperately need an everyday outfield bat, and the Dodgers need to build the middle of their starting rotation. The only Dodgers outfielders who make sense for the Indians would be Joc Pederson, Scott Van Slyke and Yasiel Puig for financial reasons. The Dodgers are not going to move Pederson, and Van Slyke is not good enough to land Los Angeles one of the Indians’ young starters. The Dodgers do have Andre Ethier and Carl Crawford who can both play the corners, and with so many of Puig’s teammates wanting him traded, it does makes sense for the Dodgers to give up on this uber-talented player if they can get a young, impactful starter back. The Indians could probably deal Trevor Bauer to the Marlins for Marcel Ozuna, but landing Puig would have far more long-term significance despite the higher trade price tag.