Ideal trades for NL contenders

The major league trade deadline is less than two weeks away. Here is a quick look who in the National League will be “buyers”. Teams are listed with their needs, ideal acquisitions, and what reality will ultimately dictate.


Primary needs: Starting pitching, set-up reliever

Ideal: Astros lefty Wandy Rodriguez would be an ideal fit for the Diamondbacks rotation, giving them a second left-hander to put in the rotation between Hudson and Kennedy. The Padres’ Mike Adams would be a perfect inexpensive bridge to closer J.J. Putz. The Diamondbacks’ farm system has some good arms that could make these type of deals come to fruition, but it is unlikely they will be willing to move them given the limited payroll under which they must operate.

Reality: Right-hander Hiroki Kuroda is the most realistic fit for the D-Backs, though he has a full no-trade clause. However, due to the proximity of Phoenix to L.A. and the fact the D-Backs are in the pennant race, he might accept a trade. The D-Backs might be able to get him for two prospects including left-hander Wade Miley, but they won’t give up southpaw Pat Corbin.