Best fits for three key free-agent relievers

Francisco Rodriguez led the National League in games finished (66), including 44 saves. Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Major League Baseball officially opens spring training next week, when pitchers and catchers report to Florida and Arizona. However, there are still some free agents without teams, including three valuable relievers in Francisco Rodriguez, Rafael Soriano and Joba Chamberlain.

The Milwaukee Brewers appear to be the team holding up the reliever market as they wait to see if they can work out a deal with the Philadelphia Phillies for their closer, Jonathan Papelbon. If they conclude that it’s not going to happen -- for either financial or prospect-return reasons -- they are prepared to turn their attention to a reunion with Rodriguez. That won’t be an easy negotiation with the Boras Corporation, but should get done because K-Rod wants to return.

The Miami Marlins are the next team in line, and it appears they also are looking to add a reliever before next week.