What's a GM to do when an ace like MadBum goes down?

After his accident while riding a dirt bike, Giants ace Madison Bumgarner will be on the shelf for weeks to come. Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The news that San Francisco Giants ace Madison Bumgarner was injured in a dirt bike accident is every general manager's nightmare come true: Your star player did something you wish he hadn't, gets hurt and is about to miss a lot of time. Your shot at staying in the playoff race is at stake. In this situation, what's a GM to do?

Obviously, this was a bad idea for how to spend time off. Bumgarner was apparently up front about it, calling the Giants to let them know as soon as he was hurt. And as disappointed as everyone throughout the organization might be, in the front office or in the clubhouse, it isn't as if Bumgarner's teammates are going to call him out for making this kind of mistake, not after all he has done for the franchise. You can expect him to talk about how it was an unfortunate mistake. It's that and then some.