10 most likely to be traded by July 31

This year's trade deadline could be very active, especially for teams seeking starting pitching. ESPN.com Illustration

With increased parity and two wild-card berths available, there are fewer sellers this season than ever just before MLB's July 31 trade deadline. Because of that, conventional wisdom dictates it could be a slow go for teams in search of help.

However, I think it could be a very active period with more top-of-the-rotation starters moved than in any previous season. And even though Cole Hamels is not included on this list (I believe the Philadelphia Phillies could still make a run), he also could be traded.

Here are 10 players who are most likely to be traded, based on my conversations with multiple general managers.

1. Zack Greinke, RHP

The Texas Rangers won’t move prospect Jurickson Profar and will try everything in their power to exclude Martin Perez and Mike Olt from any deal. However, with a deep major league club and farm system, the Rangers have enough to make the Milwaukee Brewers an offer they can’t refuse and allow them to place Greinke at the top of their rotation.