Hanley Ramirez trade ideas

Hanley Ramirez is reportedly unhappy about switching positions, so what could the Marlins get for him in a trade? Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

With Jose Reyes now a Miami Marlin, one of the questions of the day has been what the franchise plans to do with incumbent shortstop Hanley Ramirez. While some have suggested the Marlins were working ahead of the curve and had already consulted Ramirez on a possible move to third base, we’ve also received hints that Ramirez wants no part of the “A-Rod demotion.” Alex Rodriguez, of course, famously moved to third base upon joining the Yankees, even though he was a Gold Glove-caliber shortstop, ceding the position to Derek Jeter.

Ramirez isn’t as capable at shortstop now as A-Rod was then, and Reyes represents a clear defensive upgrade. But that doesn’t mean Ramirez wants to move. Reports from colleague Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes indicate Miami may have a tough time convincing Ramirez to move. Given the situation, I was asked to come up with a few trade scenarios that would get Ramirez on a team where he could stay at shortstop and get the Marlins some value in return. Again, there are no indications the Marlins have any intention to deal Ramirez. This is just a little exercise in MLB winter meetings deal-making.

Scenario 1: Ramirez to the Nationals for Ryan Zimmerman