Bowden's Big Board

Even though the July 31 trade deadline is behind us, clubs can still make deals via the waiver process. Again, a lot of these deals come down to teams deciding whether they are buyers or sellers. That status can change on a weekly or biweekly basis due to long winning or losing streaks and/or unexpected injuries.

Determining whether a team is a buyer or seller is not just about the record, the games behind or the number of teams it's trailing. Several layers of information become part of the decision-making process, including expiring contracts, long-term exposure, prospects ready for advancement, team chemistry, injuries, projections of second-half performance, and even the contractual situations of a team’s GM and manager.

Throughout August, The GM's Office will include my opinions on which teams should be buyers or sellers. The list will be adjusted as circumstances dictate. In other words, names will be added, moved and removed based on what I'm hearing from execs.

Updated Aug. 2

Below is my position-by-position ranking of players from the “selling” clubs who could be traded by the end of August. Click on a link to go directly to a specific position:

Position Players: 1B | 2B | SS | 3B | LF | CF | RF | C | DH

Pitchers: Starting Pitchers | RH relievers | LH relievers | Closers