Liga MX fans run wild with Chivas coach Jose Cardozo's sponsor-filled news conference

Liga MX side Chivas may not have a sponsor on the front of their shirt like others in the sponsorship-cluttered world of Mexican soccer, but they sure are making up for it elsewhere.

After another devastating home loss on Sunday -- the Guadalajara club hasn't won at home in Liga MX since last October -- coach Jose Cardozo gave the usual post-match press conference to make the usual excuses about what went wrong, but his words seemed to be overshadowed by something else.

Cereal, organic cereal, chocolate milk and a soft drink were placed either side of the microphone, which also had a beer logo on it. There were a total of 11 companies in shot as Cardozo spoke.

Step in social media networks.

"Coach, can you let us know the price of the coffee-flavored drink?" read one, while a host of others edited the photo to place Cardozo in some kind of corner shop.

"The next Cardozo press conference ..." read another.

The fact Chivas have admitted they are in a period of "financial consolidation" and sit in 17th place in Liga MX surely didn't help curb the social network wrath.