10 QBs with most to gain this summer

Will Jacob Coker's transition from Tallahassee to Tuscaloosa be a smooth one? Jeff Gammons/Getty Images

I talked a couple of weeks ago with a coach about the new rule that allows for summer "practice" hours.

"We're not going out there in pads or anything," he said, "but we can add a couple of hours watching film. It's a good thing, but it's not a game-changer or anything like that. In fact, we have to kind of figure out our [personal] schedules to make it work."

From that, rule or no rule, we learn that the summer is still the slowest time in the college football calendar. But there are still the same potential benefits for eager players interested in improving on their own time.

There is a particular opportunity for quarterbacks, who often organize and lead the summer 7-on-7 sessions. That period can prove helpful for QBs in a variety of career stations. Here are 10 QBs who could benefit most from strong summer months, leading into preseason camp.

1. Jacob Coker, Alabama Crimson Tide

Have you caught yourself thinking, "For a dude who has never taken a meaningful snap, we sure talk a lot about Jacob Coker?" Even Bama fans might admit to that. (OK, maybe not.)

I guess it is mere reality when you're replacing a QB who won multiple titles for what is currently the most visible college football program on the planet.

Nick Saban has started to tamp down Coker's legend, and understandably, but anyone who has seen the skill sets of those other Tide QBs knows that Coker has the best chance to be the starter for the opener against West Virginia.

Why is this summer important? Because he's actually in Tuscaloosa, having completed his academic work at FSU.