Is Mark Richt underachieving at Georgia?

Georgia laying an egg against a rival on the brink of a meltdown reminded me of a question we asked in this summer’s Future Power Rankings: Could other coaches do more with Georgia’s talent and recruiting base than Mark Richt?

I polled a handful of agents and coaches to ask.


“For sure.”

“I would think so.”

“You can accidentally win nine games [a year] there.”

You get the idea: Mark Richt is underachieving. Even while averaging 9.7 victories a year over 13 seasons, he’s underachieving.

Richt was on the hot seat in 2011, before Georgia won 10 straight games to get into the SEC title game. That was coming off a 6-7 year, his only losing season at UGA.

Stunning as it was, it would take a lot more than Saturday’s 38-20 loss to Florida for Richt to again find himself in that position. In fact, the 6-2 Bulldogs could easily find themselves in Atlanta repping the dreadful SEC East.

Still, the macro question hangs amid the Georgia pines: Should Richt be doing more? Is UGA a place that is better than token SEC title game appearances and decent Florida bowls?