NFL Week 10 early betting look: Can Arizona keep it close enough at Kansas City?

Favorites dominated on Sunday for the second straight week in the NFL. The word around town in Las Vegas is that it was the worst Sunday for sportsbooks this season. The only underdog with a line bigger than one point to win a game was the Saints, and even they were only +1.5 or +2 before kickoff.

Nathan Peterman and the Bills did their thing in a 41-9 home loss to the Bears. I don't recall a quarterback ever being less valuable than Peterman. He's throwing interceptions at a record rate, and seemingly every game at least one is going the other way for opponent points. The only quarterback who threw more interceptions than Peterman (three) in Week 9 was Sam Darnold (four). In fact, the Jets defense gave up zero touchdowns and just seven first downs. Seven! New York wasn't able to cover +3. The Bills and Jets meet Sunday in Week 10.

The Rams-Saints battle was amazing (unless you're a fan of punting). New Orleans won the game and currently sits atop the NFL with the tiebreaker over Los Angeles for the No. 1 seed in the NFC. As much as it pains me to say it, I would be truly surprised if that wasn't a preview of the NFC Championship game. The Vikings and Falcons looked great in Week 9, and they are the two longer-ish shots I've bet on to come out of the NFC, but the Rams and Saints sit on another tier compared to the rest of the conference.

The Patriots and Chiefs get the majority of the AFC discussion, but