Baltimore blunders, bathroom breaks and more bad beats of the week

Mykal Walker and the Atlanta Falcons may not be undefeated in the standings, but they're undefeated in another category that some of you care about. John Adams/Icon Sportswire

Misery loves company. At least that's what my fellow Las Vegas Raiders fans have been telling me since I was 5 years old. Conversely, celebrating is always more fun when you've got friends. That's why starting this week, we are adding the fantasy football world to our weekly therapy session.

There are two things I'm sure of: My weeks are better when my beloved Raiders win, and all of our weeks are better when we share the chaos together. Let's start filling those buckets with tears of joy or sadness.

Fantasy frustrations

The football gods wasted NO time Sunday reminding us that they run things. Imagine being the guy who was offered Rashaad Penny in a fantasy trade this week, turned the trade down, and then faced him this week? Yeah, that was my buddy Dave. Fear not, Dave, the pain was felt everywhere.

From the Raiders suddenly deciding to hand the ball off to Josh Jacobs to Penny throwing up Madden-like numbers to Miles Sanders absolutely making us all look stupid, it was what I like to call Pie Week for fantasy football players. Because by late Monday night, all of us were eating a slice of that humble pie.

I feel you, Vann.

Verdict: Five buckets. Five overflowing buckets.

Cleveland Browns at Atlanta Falcons

Ahhhhh, the joy of betting is that a game that most of these players' families don't even want to watch becomes must-see TV. The Browns were up by three at the half, and everyone who bet Cleveland in this game had to feel good. Not so fast! Two late fourth-quarter field goals gave the Falcons the win -- and more importantly kept Atlanta undefeated!

No, not in the standings, don't be silly. But where most of you care most.

Verdict: Three buckets of mostly happiness

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Kansas City Chiefs

Look, I don't know Brandon. But Brandon deserves a hug. In the world of bad beats we've all got that story. This one, though, might take the cake.

It's a game of inches, Brandon ... or yards, in this case. Actually, a yard. Yikes. I'm not helping this situation.

Verdict: Four buckets

Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens

Don't @ me, analytics nerds, about John Harbaugh's decision to go for fourth-and-goal late in a tied game from the 2-yard line. Sometimes taking the points is like a plain bologna sandwich on generic bread. Is it exciting? No. Is it satisfying? Kind of. Do you wish it was better ... had more flair ... was more what you expected? Obviously. But you've got to eat, and food is food. You have to win, and points are points. Instead of taking those points, you give the Bills the ball back tied and Josh Allen has one of those MVP-type moments that MVP-type players have.

Meanwhile ...

Verdict: Three buckets

Saturday was also ... well ... interesting? I mean, most of us were done before the day had even started thanks to TCU's shocking shellacking of Oklahoma. This was how we ALL felt by halftime of the early games!

But just when you thought life couldn't get any weirder, this happened.

Wagner at Syracuse

Imagine being the guy who went to Syracuse, knows his team incredibly well and advises all of his buddies to take the under against Wagner at 63.5. It's 49-0 at halftime ...

Everyone can rejoice! Crisis averted! We're all rich! Orrrrrrrrrr ......

Dust if off. We will get 'em next week. And just remember no matter how much grief your friends are giving you this week for your performance last weekend, it won't equal the amount of grief the world is giving DK.