Bad beats, a close call and a 'meaningless' FG highlight weekend in betting

Who's ready for another wild weekend of winning or whining? All of us! Who learned our lesson last weekend? None of us! So, with that, the action didn't waste any time making the collective betting community yell with joy or pain.


New York Jets at New England Patriots

I'll admit I'm not the best at math... but this seems staggering even to me.

The Jets were playing for overtime but who wants to stay outside any longer than they have to in that cold? Not the Patriots! The Jets have now lost 14 straight to the New England but this might be the biggest heartbreak yet.

The good news is that New England fans finally got to cheer for something after years of misery? Barf.

5 buckets. And no words. Sorry Jets fans.

Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills (via Detroit?)

The Bills are now going to try to become the first team ever to play a home game in Detroit and then make it to the Super Bowl. Lions fans, we're laughing at you, not with you.

This game wasn't close late even though it wasn't the best day for the Bills, overall, but this play had some of us in our feels.

If one of your friends hit based on this play, they have to buy a round of drinks for everyone. And the toast will be as simple as, "Better to be lucky than good!"

3 buckets of 'I wish we at least got to watch this happen in snow-mageddon conditions!' tears.


Stanford at California

The world celebrates the 40th Anniversary of 'The Play.'

Meanwhile, I'm sitting here wondering what was going through the mind of the tuba players standing on the field while the Football Gods were busy deciding to give us a different kind of chaos this weekend.

Cal became an offensive juggernaut in the fourth quarter with 21 points, including a game-clinching touchdown with less than a minute to play. But did Stanford give up? Heck no! I mean, why NOT line up to attempt the longest field goal in school history and the second-longest field goal in conference history for no reason other than to help all of us that hammered the over (46).

Joshua Karty hammered the kick and the Karty Party immediately ensued inside the stadium while Cal students celebrated their first win over Stanford in Berkeley since 2008.

4 buckets of chaotic smart school football tears

No. 4 TCU at Baylor

Ok, It's not a bad beat in the traditional sense, but it's at least a big old bag of you know what for anyone betting on TCU. TCU missed what could have been the game-tying two-point conversion late in the game only to give us this cardiac game winning kick.

Now, I love an epic ending as much as anyone, but when you combine it with the missed two-point conversion you are now faced with the painful reality that TCU (-2.5) could have covered and the total (57.5) would have hit. Break out the buckets and let's getting to crying.

3 buckets of tears filled while singing Little Texas' "What Might Have Been"