Bad beats, door busters and thanksgiving leftovers highlight weekend in betting

Why bettors should never bet a rivalry game (0:44)

Jason Fitz says Oregon State's upset win over Oregon was a trap game for bettors. (0:44)

Who's ready for another wild weekend of winning or whining? All of us! Who learned our lesson last weekend? None of us! So, with that, the action didn't waste any time making the collective betting community yell with joy or pain.


Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans

The Bengals didn't have Ja'Marr Chase but that didn't keep them from beating the Titans in Nashville. The melody in Music City wasn't sweet to everyone's ears though, after a late Titans personal foul call negated a field goal. Why is that important?

The Bengals ran out the clock and that empty pit in your stomach is the realization that a smart clock management football play can turn out to be very, very expensive. Also, I'd like some credit for not making a "fowl play" pun on a weekend known for turkey consumption.

3 buckets of tears.

Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins

Being a Dolphins fan has to be pretty amazing so far this season. Being a Dolphins bettor, though, took an unexpected turn for the worse Sunday in Miami's win over the pitiful Texans. The Dolphins team total closed at 30.5 which had plenty of people celebrating at halftime with the team up 30-0. I mean, the Texans are the worst team in the league and there's no way this thing goes sour right?

Someone is sitting in the corner staring at their betting app wondering why they put themselves through this every single week after this one. Just ask Tyler.

5 buckets of tears for this one. And a whole side bucket of shame.

Parlay Pity

I love a good, aggressive parlay that we all know isn't going to hit. Let me be the first writer at ESPN to ever quote Miley Cyrus when I say "It's the Climb." Well, the Titans made sure to ruin Nathan's "Party in the USA" by not throwing a touchdown in their game.

No one in the world was happier than I was that Josh Jacobs busted out a long touchdown run to get my beloved Raiders the win against the Seahawks in Seattle, but fantasy football owners were a close second with these numbers.

The flip side, though, is that the final score provided some heartbreak for one person that was ready to sleep on a mattress stuffed only with dollar bills after making this bet.

Parlays are a crapshoot anyway, so they only get 3 buckets. But, in the moment, we all feel like this guy.


Black Friday Doorbuster

Utah State Aggies at Boise State Broncos

Utah State wasn't supposed to even be competitive against Boise State as a 17 point dog, But Friday was the official kickoff of the Christmas season and apparently Santa had different plans - as they were driving with the ball late and the chance to get the outright win and pull off a true Christmas Miracle.

Cue the Grinch.

Ok, I know the field is blue, no green, but go with me here.

Two interceptions, two big old touchdowns -- one Boise cover.

Please re-read the last line to the tune of 7 swans a-swimming, six geese a-laying, five golden rings. You're welcome, America.

Everyone say hi to Brad and then read this thread, as the misery shines through.



New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys

While we were all busy figuring out what drawer we left our stretchy pants in and going for a 4th slice of very necessary pumpkin cheesecake (because pie is trash... don't at me) the Giants were making sure that our wallets weren't as full as we were.

Tony Pollard understands the difference between stuffing and dressing -- stuffing it forward would have made us money. Instead, we get the dressing down we didn't need with that run. Not to be outdone, the Cowboys also got in on the awkward family dinner fun. Dallas was up 15 and missed a field goal late in the game... which is no big deal, right?

Just like the Uncle you know is going to say the one thing that will make the entire table uncomfortable, you knew that play was going to come back to haunt your betting day.