Bad beats in soccer and NFL highlight weekend in betting

Minkah Fitzpatrick broke some hearts with his decision to go out of bounds after an interception. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Who's ready for another wild weekend of winning or whining? All of us! Who learned our lesson last weekend? None of us! So, with that, the action didn't waste any time making the collective betting community yell with joy or pain.

World Cup

Bad beats aren't reserved for football only! They can also happen in football. Or futbol? That's right, I'm making "soccer guy" angry out of the gate with jokes on jokes, but there was no joking about France taking on Poland in the World Cup.

If you're like me, you were today years old when you figured out what a "clean sheet" is. But everyone who had money on this game certainly knew after a handball penalty resulted in an extra goal that put Poland on the board. Leave it to The Bear to professionally point out the bad beat here.

If you ask me, though, I like Michael Taylor's take even better.

I'm not sure how to say "Why does this always happen to me?!" in several languages, but I feel like the language of angst was universal for people all over the world who tried to convince themselves that this is part of the joy of watching?

Four buckets filled with mini soccer balls.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Atlanta Falcons

This person on social media is mad.


Well, Minkah Fitzpatrick sealed the game with a huge interception, but rather than try to score, this happened:

That decision not only kept the game under the point total (42.5), it also enraged fantasy fans all over the internet.

Five buckets filled with some angry betting tears, angry fantasy tears and Falcons fans' tears.

Washington Commanders at New York Giants

OK, a 58-yard field goal attempt not going in is far from a bad beat. But when a game is tied at 20, the point total is sitting at 40.5 (where 70% of bettors took the over) and the overall outcome ends up being a tie between two hated division rivals, it truly does end up feeling like the ultimate in unsatisfying results.

Both of these teams are stuck in the hardest of spots. They're just OK enough to make us want to think we know what we're doing every week, and they're just bad enough to prove us wrong along the way.

Three buckets of division-hatred tears.