Sunday, February 5, 2023

Iowa at Penn State

Nittany Lions look for revenge from last year in first Big Ten matchup.

Iowa offense vs. Penn State defense

• The Hawkeyes came out chucking last Saturday against Arizona. By calling for five pass attempts on their first six plays from scrimmage, offensive coordinator Ken O'Keefe showed the clear mindset of passing to set up the run. While his unit had some ups and downs, it appears to be an effective strategy considering his personnel. QB Ricky Stanzi is the team's best offensive skill player, so why not put the ball in his hands more? Stanzi's decision making can be erratic, but he has the arm strength and accuracy to pick a secondary apart, if given time. His receivers have made some big plays and the Hawkeyes' passing attack can improve if they're route running becomes more consistent and they get on the same page with Stanzi. Most importantly, by going to the air frequently early, it forces the opposing defense to back off the line of scrimmage. Once that threat is established, it opens up the rushing game.