Thursday, November 30, 2023

Texas at Oklahoma State

Cowboys' poor tackling will lead to a big day for Longhorns' receivers.

Texas offense vs. Oklahoma State defense

• It's Football 101: Identify the opponent's strength and do everything in your power to take it away. Colt McCoy attempts fewer throws beyond five yards than any other quarterback in the FBS and WR Jordan Shipley is his security blanket. Oklahoma took McCoy out of his comfort zone a couple of weeks ago by using a lot of press coverage at the line of scrimmage to take away the underneath routes for the Texas receivers -- Shipley more so than the others. Missouri must not have had the confidence in its defensive backs to follow the blueprint and Shipley cashed in for 108 yards and two scores on seven catches against a lot of soft coverage. To their credit, the Longhorns are creatively finding ways to get Shipley open within five yards of the line of scrimmage, as witnessed on their first offensive play from scrimmage versus the Tigers (fake read-option right, throw back to Shipley on a quick out to the left). Still, the Cowboys can't afford to give Texas' receivers -- Shipley in particular -- too many free releases off the line of scrimmage.