Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Ohio State vs. Arkansas

Terrelle Pryor and Ryan Mallett face off in one of the best quarterback matchups of the bowl season when Ohio State and Arkansas meet in the Sugar Bowl.

Ohio State offense vs. Arkansas defense
• It is not wise to turn your front four loose on Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor because it will eventually lead to gaping holes for him to exploit with his feet. It's also not sound football to blitz Ohio State's offense too often because doing so leaves your secondary vulnerable versus an above-average receiving corps led by DeVier Posey and Dane Sanzenbacher. When studying tape of the games in which Pryor struggled (versus Miami, Illinois, Wisconsin, Penn State and Iowa) the common trend is that opposing defenses create the illusion of chaos without actually leaving themselves vulnerable. In other words, a heavy mixture of zone blitzes, slants, twists and stunts will lead to Pryor feeling as if the pocket is collapsing around him when oftentimes that's not the case. Both of his interceptions versus Iowa and several of his errant throws versus Wisconsin were the result of Pryor's bailing out of the pocket prematurely and throwing the ball up for grabs. Arkansas defensive coordinator Willie Robinson should pick up on this trend and scheme accordingly.