Team preview: Boise State

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(All information as of July 1, 2006)


For the second time in five years, Boise State will try to maintain continuity through massive change on the coaching staff.

Chris Petersen, the acclaimed offensive coordinator the last five years, takes over from his good friend Dan Hawkins, who left to become the head coach at Colorado.

Hawkins got the BSU job in 2001, when his boss Dirk Koetter left for Arizona State.

Koetter and Hawkins combined for a 73-16 record and six conference titles over the last seven years. Hawkins produced WAC titles each of the last four years.

"I'm humbled, I'm awe-struck and most of all I'm just looking forward to keeping this thing rolling," Petersen said upon accepting the job. "And with the people around here, there's no doubt in my mind that we will."

Petersen, 41, was non-committal about his desire to become a head coach when Hawkins flirted with jobs in previous years. This time, though, he never wavered.
He looked at Colorado and decided he was better suited to lead the Broncos.

"This truly is a dream of mine," Petersen said. "… I wouldn't get myself into a situation I didn't feel extremely confident about."

Petersen, a UC Davis product like Hawkins, is less philosophical than Hawkins and is known as a pessimistic perfectionist. He garners great respect from the players for his easy-going, friendly demeanor off the field and cunning offensive strategy on it.

"We've always liked Pete and feel we can relate to him," senior linebacker and co-captain Colt Brooks said. "Pete's all about football and he's all about winning, and we're with that. We feel very confident in him."