Team preview: Florida State

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(All information as of June 20, 2008)


Transition seasons seldom unfold seamlessly, and 2007 was no exception at Florida State, where the final record (7-6) bore an exact resemblance to the 2006 campaign despite an overhaul of the offensive staff and the return of a long-time defensive assistant.

Bobby Bowden never once suggested that the arrival of offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher, offensive line coach Rick Trickett, receivers coach Lawrence Dawsey and running backs coach Dexter Carter -- plus Chuck Amato's return to direct the linebackers -- would induce time-warp results.

In fact, Bowden preached patience, albeit to a fan base that had emptied a tank full of it in the darkening seasons that followed the end of a 14-year dynasty in 2000. Ironic, isn't it, that the 78-year-old Bowden can practice what he was preaching?

Be careful not to confuse Bowden's patience with someone marking his time until he's had enough. Despite the December 2007 announcement that Fisher will eventually succeed Bowden -- who is now working on a one-year contract with the annual option to re-up -- he is as committed to as ever.