Top 25 Intel: No. 6 Ohio State

"He's an extraordinary worker" says Tressel. 

"Originally ranked below USC at No. 7, Ohio State moves up one spot after securing the services of No. 1 QB Terrelle Pryor. Pryor will get the benefit of not having to play right away."
-- ESPN's 2008 Recruiting Rankings

Well, maybe that didn't go quite according to plan.

For quarterback Terrelle Pryor, a year of marinating as a freshman, with some spot duty here and there, turned into a one-way ticket to the barbecue of college football. Here's the ball, kid, remember to keep an eye out for those USC linebackers.

But was it worth it? Was it better to play Pryor and get him used to a group of skill position talents, all of whom have since left for the NFL?

Yes, says Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel.

"I don't care if you're a young quarterback or an old quarterback, you can talk about the receivers all you want," says Tressel, "if you don't have time to throw, it doesn't matter. But when you do, and you can stay on rhythm and have a chance to make your reads, it's going to mean the world to you."

In 2009, Pryor will get that chance.

And are you really worried about finding skill position talent? Ohio State has produced 243 NFL draft picks since 1967, including 50 since 2002. The Buckeyes' 10 first-round picks in the last four years are the most of any school. So while they have big holes to fill, they have an unmatched track record in finding that talent.

For Pryor, a new cast might even be good for him.

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