College Football Confidential

Think this trophy is what college football's all about? Think again. Getty Images

This article appears in the August 24 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

Let the coaches, writers and computers have their polls. But don't players have opinions? Turns out they do.

This spring, ESPN The Magazine asked 85 FBS players about drugs, playoffs, refs, gay teammates and much more. In exchange for honesty, we promised not to reveal any names or schools -- only secrets.

Who will win the 2009 Heisman trophy?

When the ballots were counted, it was a landslide -- for Colt McCoy. The Texas QB received 42 votes, followed by Florida QB Tim Tebow (20) and Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford (9). Four others were named more than once: USC safety Taylor Mays (4), Cal RB Jahvid Best (3), Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant (2) and Ole Miss QB Jevan Snead (2).

What player would you pay to watch?

Of 19 players, one came up most often: Tebow, who pulled in 35 percent of the votes and was the only QB among the top three. The top five vote-getters: Tebow (30), Tennessee safety Eric Berry (9), OSU's Bryant (7), Texas' McCoy (5) and Florida LB Brandon Spikes (5).

To see much more -- who players think will win the BCS title, the most overrated and under programs, whether most players think one of their teammates is gay, views on drug use, partying and more -- you must be an ESPN Insider.Insider