5 more rivalries that need to be renewed

College football without rivalries would be like the beach without sand.

They're a big reason college football season never ends. Fans go back and forth just as passionately in March and July as they do in September and November.

Thankfully, we're getting two of our most revered rivalries back. Penn State and Pittsburgh will resume their grudge match this season, and Notre Dame and Michigan reportedly are set to renew their rivalry in 2018.

That's a nice start, but why stop there?

Here are five more rivalries that need to be resumed immediately:

Texas vs. Texas A&M

Like petulant children, the powers that be at Texas and Texas A&M have given us all of the silly reasons these two bitter Lone Star State rivals won't play anymore. You know the narrative. Texas doesn't need Texas A&M, and Texas A&M doesn't need Texas now that the two schools are in different conferences. As they so readily point out on the Forty Acres, the Aggies are the ones who left the Big 12 for the SEC. And while that's true, it's shameful that these two behemoths in that state can't find a way to play. The two coaches, Texas' Charlie Strong and Texas A&M's Kevin Sumlin, have both been on the record in the last year or so as saying that they would like to see the series renewed. Here's hoping their bosses come to their senses.