The unheralded college football recruits who became stars for each top-25 team

Michael Thomas didn't garner a lot of interest out of high school despite his size. Even so, he totaled 110 catches for 1,580 yards and 18 touchdowns in his final two seasons at Ohio State and has become one of the NFL's most prolific wide receivers. Greg Bartram/USA TODAY Sports

College football recruiting rankings are not an exact science, and while they often do a great job at projecting how players will develop throughout their careers, there are some players who slip through the cracks.

Everyone loves an underdog, and the unheralded prospect who ends up as a first-round NFL draft pick is always celebrated. We took the top 25 teams from the Way-Too-Early college football rankings and found some of the top unheralded recruits from the past 15 years.

Here's a look at some of your favorite players, going as far back as the 2005 recruiting class, who were under-recruited and under-ranked.