Favorite players and wild stats from the 2020 college football season

With one game left in college football's 2020 season -- or four, if you want to count New Mexico State's three spring games, which you should! -- now's the time we begin reflecting on what we saw.

This was a season of discontent and disorganization, one that asked far more than normal of its student-athletes and one that could have gone off the rails at one point or another but somehow didn't. And as we approach the finish line, I'm going to allow myself a moment of celebration. To the extent that this season was indeed worth it, here are some of the moments, players, coaches and statistics that made it so.

Favorite players (and player types)

Favorite deep-ball passer: Mac Jones, Alabama. Yes, yes, having DeVonta Smith, John Metchie III and, before injury, Jaylen Waddle helps. But Jones' deep ball is gorgeous all the same. The national averages for passes 20-plus yards downfield in 2020: 36.4% completion rate, 13.4 yards per pass, 83.3 raw QBR. Jones' averages: 57.4% completion rate (27-for-47), 25.4 yards per pass, 99.9 raw QBR.

I was in the front car of the Jones bandwagon all offseason, but I still didn't expect him to be this successful.