College football coaching jobs showdown: Oregon vs. Washington


The Oregon-Washington rivalry doesn't garner as much national attention as Michigan-Ohio State, Alabama-Auburn or Oklahoma-Texas, but the roots of hostility run just as deep.

The bordering schools don't like one another, and their series has featured plenty of flashpoints, as well as success on both sides. Since 1990, Washington and Oregon have combined for 16 Pac-12 championships (outright or shared), including the past three and five of the past seven. They are the only Pac-12 schools to appear in the College Football Playoff: Oregon reached the inaugural title game in 2014, and Washington went to the semifinals two years later.

The third installment of ESPN's coaching jobs showdown heads to the Pacific Northwest. After examining Oklahoma-Texas and Alabama-Ohio State, Washington and Oregon are up next.

Despite the schools' proximity and history, each job has several distinctive features, including Washington's leafy, lakeside location appropriately dubbed "The Greatest Setting," and Oregon's uniform combos and special connection to Nike.

Both schools have recruited at a high level under multiple coaches, and receive some of the best fan support on the West Coast. Both also aren't immune to mediocrity.

Like the other pairings, these two coaching jobs will be evaluated in four areas: history (both recent and long-term); resources and administrative support; recruiting location and access to talent; and expectations and climate around the program. In addition to my own research, I spoke to coaches and other sources familiar with each program to gain a better understanding from the inside.

So, will it be #GoDucks or #BowDown? Let's begin.