Midseason college football coaching stock watch: Success stories at Michigan State, Kentucky and beyond

Every college head coach or coordinator enters the season with a stock valuation.

Fans are buying or selling, or waiting to see more before making an investment decision. The nature of the offseason, when no team has lost a game, creates a bullish view of most coaching stocks.

Seven weeks of college football games can change things.

A coaching stock reset is in order. Most teams are past the halfway point of the season, and the jobs carousel is starting to churn. This piece focuses mainly on the coaches and coordinators who have improved their stock since the games began. Some coaching stocks already were fairly high but have continued to ascend, while other coaches have boosted their profiles significantly.

Another group of coaches also seemed to be on the rise, but have fallen off, and they are cited below as well.

I used my preseason list of ascending coaches as a guide but didn't limit the list to those names. Although coaches are listed with the upcoming jobs carousel in mind, not every coach with a rising stock will move up, nor will every coach with a descending stock lose his job.

Let's get started.