College football Week 2: Texas-Bama, A&M-Miami, bets, picks and more

David Buono/Icon Sportswire

Week 2 of the 2023 college football season is officially "Measuring Stick Week."

So many of the questions we spent all offseason asking, and all of the partial impressions that we formed last week, of both the surprising and unsurprising varieties, now get some level of confirmation. Is Texas actually ready to be "BACK!" this time? Is Alabama's Jalen Milroe as Jalen Hurts-level awesome as he looked against Middle Tennessee? Is Colorado seriously ready to have a couple of different Heisman candidates? Is Oklahoma ready to play top-10 ball again? Is Tulane once again the best of the Group of Five? Is Conner Weigman really a "No. 1 in QBR" candidate? Is Texas State the new UTSA?

This week is perfectly designed to provide some level of clarity, especially down in Tuscaloosa, where one of the most anticipated games of the year kicks off on Saturday evening. Here's everything you need to know and follow on a loaded Week 2. Who measures up?

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