Connelly's Week 2 recap: Believe Texas hype, Pac-12 surging

In Week 1 of the college football season, we overreacted. In Week 2, we got a second data point for lots of teams, units and players. Some of those ran counter to what we thought we knew a week ago, and some served as confirmation. After an absolutely dynamite Saturday, let's talk about what we learned, relearned and un-learned.

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Pac-12 is playing for keeps
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Who won the Heisman this week?
10 favorite games of the weekend

Texas is worthy of the hype

No. 11 Texas 34, No. 3 Alabama 24

As I wrote Friday, we've quickly grown accustomed to Texas playing its butt off against top teams. The Longhorns had played six top-10 opponents over the past four seasons, and every single game had been decided by one score. But they had won only one of them, and it was against a team that turned out not to be top-10 worthy (Oklahoma State in 2020). That they once again brought their A-game Saturday night in Tuscaloosa was no surprise.

Said A-game, however, was good enough to hand Alabama its worst home loss since 2004. That ... might have been surprising. Just a little.