Bowden, Barnett among hot seat coaches

There were 23 head-coaching changes out of 119 Division I-A jobs this past offseason. An unusually high amount of turnover, but such is life in today's big business of college football. Following is a breakdown of six head coaches who were spared during last year's firing frenzy but who enter the 2005 season on the hot seat:

Gary Barnett, Colorado
No matter how weak the division was, winning the Big 12 North was still an impressive feat considering the turmoil that surrounded the program. Rather than allowing the off-the-field problems to drive a wedge between the staff and its players, Barnett was able to circle the wagons with an "us versus the world" mentality.

Winning the division saved Barnett's job last year, and it might be the only thing that keeps him in Boulder after the 2005 season. Right or wrong, Barnett is taking the blame for the off-the-field havoc. With a new president and athletics director, Barnett has no allegiances to count on. In other words, the clock is ticking.