With Petersen, UW should rise

Chris Petersen brings high-level player-development skills and a history of success to the Huskies. AP Photo/Otto Kitsinger

The news that Chris Petersen is leaving Boise State for the University of Washington left me thinking two things:

1. He finally did it!
2. The Huskies are now poised for a big run.

As we all know, Petersen has been sought-after for several years by several programs, including Washington. But the timing and fit never seemed right. Family is first with him, and his children were too young to uproot; key staff members who he would have liked to have with him were at other programs and couldn't join him; the programs courting him had a flaw (i.e., stadium issues, salaries for assistants, weak rosters or difficult recruiting territory, etc.); and he was happy with Boise State's positioning with regard to its access to the BCS.

In short, Coach Pete (as he has affectionately been known in Boise) has a little Goldilocks in him -- the fit would have to be just right for him to leave. And many thought he'd never make a move because rarely is everything "just right" when taking over a program.

Well, close to everything is "just right" in Seattle, and with Petersen on board, the Huskies are poised to make a big run in the Pac-12.