Explosives bring down west side of Oregon State's Reser Stadium as part of $153M renovation

Oregon State's stadium demolition from every angle (0:51)

Check out footage of the west side of Oregon State's Reser Stadium imploding during its demolition. (0:51)

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Oregon State has imploded part of Reser Stadium, beginning the next phase of a project to renovate the facility.

Athletic director Scott Barnes set off the explosives that brought down the west side of the building Friday morning, with a crowd of people watching from a safe distance.

The $153 million renovation project is expected to be finished ahead of the 2023 football season. The new addition will include a wellness center for students and faculty at Oregon State, as well as a campus welcome center.

The east side of Reser Stadium was renovated before the 2005 season, adding additional seating and luxury boxes. Oregon State added a terrace area the following year on the north end zone, adjacent to the Valley Football Center.

The Beavers will continue to play at the stadium while construction continues.