Texas A&M's Jimbo Fisher explains being on field during fumble return

Auburn DB dodges Jimbo Fisher en route to defensive TD (0:46)

Auburn's Eugene Asante picks up the loose ball and dodges Jimbo Fisher as he runs down the sideline for a 67-yard touchdown. (0:46)

COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- In the fourth quarter of Texas A&M's 27-10 win over Auburn, the Tigers' Eugene Asante picked up a fumble and darted down the A&M sideline.

He had a clear path to the end zone except for one man: Aggies coach Jimbo Fisher.

Fisher was so far out on the field that Asante actually was between him and the sideline.

ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III couldn't believe what he was seeing, replaying the play and circling Fisher on the Telestrator.

"I thought the play was dead," Fisher said after the game. "I was yelling at somebody else on the side and then the ball's coming back my way. I said, 'Dang, that ain't supposed to happen.'

"I'm lucky I didn't get ran over."

Fisher just stood, looking down, as Asante sprinted by for a 67-yard TD return. Afterward, he criticized his own performance.

"Bad execution on my part," he said. "I shoulda got out of the way."