Computer rankings to determine Mountain West title game

The Mountain West title game -- and its host -- will be decided by computers and announced Sunday, the conference said in a news release Saturday.

Following San José State's upset of UNLV, both teams and Boise State sit at 6-2 in conference play.

But instead of using point differential or any other factor like head-to-head (Boise State and UNLV did not face each other) to determine the tiebreaker, the conference will instead utilize "select computer rankings" to determine which two teams will play for the title next weekend.

"The computer rankings will identify the two highest-ranked tier teams to participate in the championship game," the conference said in its statement. "Once those two teams are identified the head-to-head result will determine the host."

The four computer rankings the Mountain West uses are Anderson and Hester; Colley Matrix; Massey and Wolfe. Each computer's final national ranking for each team accounts for a fourth of the tiebreaker score, and the two teams with the best average ranking play in the championship game.

Headed into this week, UNLV was significantly ahead of both Boise State and San Jose State in all four computers and is all but guaranteed a spot in the championship game. It becomes a question of if SJSU's win against UNLV will be enough to elevate it ahead of Boise State, which beat SJSU and was narrowly ahead of the Spartans in all four polls last week.

If SJSU vaults Boise, it will host UNLV on Saturday in the rematch due to the head-to-head win.

The conference installed this tiebreaker process for this season after it disbanded the divisions.

Boise State, San Jose State and UNLV all have identical conference records and their respective point differentials for the season are also nearly the same for conference play. The Broncos boast a point differential of plus-99, while the Spartans have a plus-92 and UNLV-- the surprise of the season -- has a plus-97.

Should UNLV be selected, it would be the Rebels' first Mountain West championship appearance.

ESPN's Kyle Bonagura contributed to this report.