Aaron Murray is Kellen Moore's equal

Take a good look at the numbers: Aaron Murray is just as good as Kellen Moore. US Presswire

Every great collegiate player can look back on his career and point to one contest that served as the breakout game of his NCAA tenure.

Before that matchup, the player may have garnered a certain amount of national attention for his talents, but after the breakout game -- usually created out of a showcase opportunity against a highly ranked opponent -- his potential greatness was seen in a much different light.

This was certainly the case for each of the past two Heisman Trophy winners. Cam Newton had this moment last year when he accounted for five touchdowns in a widely seen comeback victory against South Carolina. Mark Ingram got national attention of a similar caliber in 2009 after tallying 185 yards from scrimmage and posting two fourth-quarter touchdowns in a victory over Virginia Tech.

Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray has the opportunity to have his breakout game this Saturday against the Boise State Broncos, and in doing so he'll have the chance to prove on a national stage what the numbers already show -- which is that he's already as good of a quarterback as Broncos signal-caller and Heisman candidate Kellen Moore.