Denard Robinson leads Heisman race

Denard Robinson (16) celebrates with Taylor Lewan during Michigan's win against Notre Dame. Gregory Shamus/Getty Image

After accounting for just 144 yards and zero touchdowns in Michigan's rain-shortened Week 1 victory, quarterback Denard Robinson failed to crack the Heisman Predictor's top 10.

What a difference a week makes.

Or, to be more specific, what a difference a quarter makes.

Entering the fourth quarter of the Michigan Wolverines' showdown with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Robinson had only one touchdown and Michigan trailed 24-7. Had the game ended at that point, Robinson would have had 84.5 points and likely would not have been selected for the Predictor's top 10. Fifteen minutes of game time and four touchdowns later, Robinson had racked up 13.5 more points and propelled himself to the top of this week's rankings.