Class of 2013 Dream Team

With the final update to the 2013 ESPN 100 player rankings behind us, this class of basketball prospects proved to have legitimate star power, versatility and quality size at every position. The Class of 2013 had its fair share of shooters, athletes and floor generals, but the strength was in its flexibility and athletic ability, especially at the top. There were many who exemplified winning and played with passion throughout their high school careers and will continue to do so at the next level.

Being a former coach and now evaluating and studying prospects year-round, I find myself daydreaming about whom I would want to coach. If there was one game to play with only a few days of practice and preparation, this is whom I would choose -- and why -- from the 2013 class. Mind you, this is not an all-star team and it's not about the highest-ranked players. Picking players with potential is important, but production, teamwork, intangibles and winning pedigree take center stage. Anyone can select talent; this is about assembling a team to win one game.

With that in mind, here is my Dream Team from the Class of 2013.

PG: Andrew Harrison (Kentucky)
There is no denying his size (6-foot-5, 200 pounds), talent and ability to get into the lane and create for himself and his teammates. In addition to his offensive abilities to score and distribute, he is also a defensive asset with strength and length against the ball. When he needs to get into the lane, Harrison does it at will, creates contact along the way and forces defenders to help. He can foul out opponents and live at the free throw line by attacking the basket but can also stay outside and hit long-range jumpers. When the shot clock or game clock is winding down, his ability to take a broken play and come up big at the last moment can't be coached.